Thursday 14 December 2017
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A List of For Profit Schools & Loan Service Companies That Have Settled Law Suits in the past years, Closed Schools, Fraud, Numerous Investigations and Allegations

When I first started researching this topic a week ago it was for my own personal information, the more I discovered I was in AWE that...

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For Profit College Who operates “Art Institutes” Schools, 2cnd largest For-Profit Education Co, settles with the department of Justice $95.5 Million

Department of Justice posted the release information on Monday November 16, 2015 Read the Release below Click Here   EDMS is the...

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Sues Nations Largest Student Loan Company Navient Formerly Sallie Mae Find Out Why

Dated January 18th 2017 taken from the CFPB website Washington D.C – Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is suing...

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Help for Federal Student Loans, payments reduction options, Borrowers Defense to Repayment elegibilty

If you currently have a Federal Student Loan, and can not keep up with your payments there are options available that private student loans...

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Private Student Loan help for Students, A Must Read, legitamate Help, Avoid Scams and Facts on being able to Discharge in a BK

  As the Author of this post , I just want to state that I am keeping abreast of this topic   The good news is as of March 2017 alot...


Choosing a Vocational School

Vocational schools and correspondence schools train students for a variety of skilled jobs Is a Vocational School Right for you ? How some...

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Scholarship and Financial Aid Scams

The internet is full of website claiming to have FREE GRANTS- SCHOLARSHIPS-HELP FOR SINGLE MOMS  most claims are false, and the owner of...

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Careful to Choose the Right College, Know the Difference of a “For Profit College” Why The Degree You Choose Matters

Be Smart get Knowledge before you decide which college to attend.   Investigate the cost difference between them. Did you know attending...


“Sallie Mae” Who are they and how did the Student Loan Giant Start? You will be surprised “A Must Read “

      Sallie Mae is a publicly traded U.S. corporation, whose operations are originating, servicing, and collecting student...

federal student aid start here

The first step to take when wanting to go back to school/college/continuing education – What Federal Student Loans do you qualify for ?

  Everyone qualifies for something, take the first step to your new future and see what programs are available to you. Its easy and...