Thursday 14 December 2017
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A few Excerpts from a wise mans book, kindness, truth, integrity, dishonesty, anger, forgivness

A few Excerpts from a wise mans book, kindness, truth, integrity, dishonesty, anger, forgivness

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived

King Solomon’s secrets to success, wealth, and happiness

By Steven K. Scott forwarded by Gary Smalley


In this powerful book, Steven K. Scott reveals King Soloman’s breakthrough strategies to achieve a life of financial success and personal fulfilllment.  



Kindness –Truth – Integrity

Write them in your heart and make them a central part of who you are!


3 reasons to be dishonest

  1. Promote ourselves
  2. Protect ourselves
  3. To manipulate the thoughts, feelings, or actions of others, false perception



Dishonesty comes in 2 forms

  1. Distorting the truth
  2. Hiding the truth


Make honesty the cornerstone of your heart


A generous person – one who freely gives a significant portion of what he has to meet the needs of others with no expectations of receiving anything in return,


Generosity start in the heart, It always takes action and it is never passive.


Those not generous fall into poverty, not necessarily financial or material poverty but poverty of the soul.


Wisdom is the knowledge, understanding and application of truth.



Benefits of Adversity

  • First you develop qualities of patience
  • strength
  • courage
  • compassion
  • kindness
  • love, humility
  •  faith

Second you become infinitely more valuable to others when they experience adversity.  The people best equipped to help others through adversity are those who have already gone through it.



5 causes of conflict –

  1. Pride
  2. Anger
  3. Harsh words
  4. Impulsive reactions
  5. Meddling in other peoples conflicts



Anger :

Anger is a second emotion caused by unresolved hurt, frustration, & fear. Storing up anger and burying it produces resentment and bitterness and ultimately poisons our thoughts.


  • The root cause is our unfulfilled expectations at birth 100 % of our needs are met by other people as we progress through out child hood, other people continue to meet our needs. As a result we expect others to meet many of our needs.
  • We then gain an un-realistic sense of ENTITLEMENT. That sense of entitlement can become a major roadblock to our happiness. It creates a set of expectations that we place on others. We expect that other people will do things that show that they value and appreciate us. In every relationship we have. We subconsciously build a list of expectations. When anyone fails to meet our expectations, frustration & Hurt result.
  • The longer the person goes with out meeting the expectation, the more we fear that the expectation will never be met. Those unresolved hurts, frustrations, and fears go on to create the secondary emotion of anger.


Forgiveness is not a feeling or a word it’s a choice