Thursday 14 December 2017
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Category: Drugs

image Teen Truoubles they can have serious long term reprercussions

Teens & Young Adults in Trouble with the Law, Get Involved Early

  Get Informed-Get involved  Only you as a Parent can help defend, protect & intervene for your Young Adult or Teen.   Do not...


Choose a Substance & Get the facts on that Drug

This informative website allows you to pick any drug out there, will explain in detail the symtoms & signs to watch for, explain the...


Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse – Individuals of all ages abuse prescription drugs. Individuals abuse these drugs because they are an...

size pills oxycontin

Oxycontin or Oxycodone Abuse Signs, Addictions & Symtoms

  Oxycontin  – the active ingredient is oxycodone, but it has a time release mechanism sometimes called the “HILLBILLY...

date rape drug

Protecting yourself from date rape drugs


Drug abuse symptoms, signs and effects

date rape in action

What are “date rape” drugs

  Date rape drugs are drugs that may be slipped into an unsuspecting victims drink to render him or her physically helpless. These are...