Thursday 14 December 2017
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Divorce is a $ 50 Billion Dollar Industry A Must Read Post

Divorce is a $ 50 Billion Dollar Industry A Must Read Post



No matter what stage of a divorce your in , or child custody proceeding Here are Some things  you should know or beaware of that could be a factor.


I recently was told about a Documentary called Divorce Corp.  You can watch for FREE on Netflix.  After watching it and having my own personal experiences within my own family.   I can honestly say I believe much of it can be true as I learned from personal experience.   I mean no disrepect to our judicial system, our courts, judges, attorneys or the Constitution.  What I heard in the documentary and posting here is only  what I believe to be possible truths to  the Documentary claims, and having alittle backround knowledge of my own.  I personally dont assume  all Court rooms conduct themselves in this matter or that all judges are alike , or attorneys for that matter, or  are guilty of any wrong doing,  but it sure is good information to arm yourself with knowing all situations are possible.  After all American Greed & Curruption is Real.

Here are some alarming statistics, along with key points to ponder about the Family Law Courts.

4 million couples get married every year

50% of all marriages end in divorce

It only takes 10 minutes to get a license to get married, no judges or courts involved, but years to end one and you have to go into a courthouse and get a judges approval.

More money passes through Family law courts than regular courts.

Divorce was taboo up until the 1960’s, there were very few divorces or  attorney’s,to represent someone in a divorce.   Adultry and Abuse were the grounds for divorce back then.   In 1969 President Regan signed into a bill the NO FAULT DIVORCE.  Even then it was not a booming industry, it is stated that it was not until the housing boom and increased equities of homes ( California more predominantly ) that the cost of representation sky rocketed.

Certain laws in our Constitution dont apply to Family Law,  it states a right to an attorney if you cant afford one, or a trial by jury, in family law that is not the case, yet most people can not afford an attorney, and there is no trial by jury in family law courts.  Only a Judge can makes the rules and decisions. No Jury if you make it to trial which almost none do.

Family codes used to be pages, today their is a complete book with thousands of pages, making it very complex.  All Family codes are put in place by the judges who used to be attorneys.  The legislative process is made up by attorneys and Judges.  One could only speculate they make it complicated so that the people are forced to hire attorneys .  LAWYERS MAKE UP THE LAWS THEY IMPOSE.

The Average cost of Divorce for one person is $ 50,000  A couple or individual persons costs To Hire an Attorney in most cases income IS  YEARS WORTH OF INCOME or In most cases more.

Attorneys bill by the hour, thus it is to their advantage ( not all see or practice this way and not insinuating that they do ) To  POLARIZE the situation. couples come to them with anger, hurt, resentment but more times than not the process  creates more conflict.  Now the clock starts ticking, every phone call, visit, paralegal involvment , motions  filed is all by the hour.  The more back and forth the more hours billed. It takes months to get in front of a judge for each motion.  If you dont have a long drawn out case, they have no income comming in.

You are forced to fight back or you could loose your house, money, possessions, and even your children.

One of the first Documents you are asked to fill out an attorneys office is an income expense Declaration, This makes total sence think about it, what better way to get financial information to find out  how much money one has ? This  is where you are sized up, they know how much you can afford, they know they are protected financially,  Click Here    income expense questionaire ,  these are the questions they ask , bank account savings, properties, cars, homes , equity they find out your Net Worth.


Did you know that Attorneys can put a lien on your house without you knowing to collect their bill, hourly rates should be compiled weekly and sent to you , 9 times out of 10 you will never recieve one .   So how can you dispute or atleast know how many hours you are being billed. legally they are required to.  If at all possible do not pay a lump sum up front.  If you are disatisfied with there work, performance chances are you will recieve no refund just over inflated hours  billed , did you also know that family law attorneys are granted complete immunity ( means cant be sued in family court for high rates ) No Attorney ever held in Contempt of court, that means there are no consequences

A judge can force you to sell a house, car, assets, other properties.  They are free bill collectors for the Attorney’s, family Evaluators, mediators, and the list goes on.

A judge can force you or your spouse to hire a Family law Evaluator if he see’s your assetts show you can pay for it Custody evaluators take a 2 day seminar on how to write reports, which is a  licensed psychologist, the average cost is $7,500, not only does he force you to have one hired, A judge can pick a  Evaluator for your case .  Read This  (about evaluators)   They actually are supposed to be used  to help the judge make the decision of What is the Best Interest of the Children.  To sum it up Judges or an Attorney pick the Evaluator they choose.  Why ? you would have to ask yourself would be the benefit of that.  Someone makes alot of money, and if used often a whole lot of money.

There is no real definition or legislative meaning of Best Interest of the Children, a Judge decides based on his or her opinion, ethic and moral behavior. who he feels is the best parent.

Judges are elected and need to raise funds to get elected.  Attorneys are big contributors.  Judges where Attorney’s at one time, Judges and Attorney’s make the laws,  one should contact the judicial commitee for their State to make a complaint, who all at one time where or are attotney’s.

You do have to ask yourself, Is anyone getting a fair trial in family court ?

Click Here     to see how you can get involved in Family law reform